Intra-Africa Trade Promotion


The question of what it would take for African countries to stop exporting the bulk of their produce to foreign countries rather than to other African countries, is often a key consideration in development forums on Africa’s development. Africa’s current internal trade is challenged by the fact that most of its exports go to the world’s more advanced economies like the US,UK and China, and most of its imports come from those same advanced economies.

PAMP believes there is substantial and unexploited potential for intra-African trade that is a key for us. Small & Medium Scale Enterprises(SMEs) could become more competitive by creating economies of scale across their respective regions. As they grow, SMEs can strengthen product value chains and facilitate the development of technology and knowledge.

PAMP is focused on profiling and promoting products, entrepreneurs, business networks and markets in Africa, towards stimulating intra-continent trade.

Transforming Africa Through Trade & Market Opportunities.