Direct Commodities Export

There is great opportunity for Africa exports based on the trend of Africa’s movement up the value chain on various products.

Trade & Investment Linkages

There is growing interest by several European, Asian and other initiatives in trade and investment, there are opportunities to facilitate trade within Africa.

Intra-Africa Trade Promotion

PAMP believes there is substantial and unexploited potential for intra-African trade that is a key for us.


Africa has the fastest population growth in the world. Africa’s population will double to 2.5 billion people by 2050.

External Markets Development

Rwanda and other African countries still have a disproportional small share of the world’s trade in indigenous products.
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Trade Fairs & Expos

PAMP will regularly organize trade fairs, exhibitions and other promotional programmes aimed at promoting African business and products

Transforming Africa Through Trade & Market Opportunities.